EATON Freedom Series NEMA Contactors & Electric Motor Starters

Eaton Freedom Series Auxiliary Contacts

Contact Configuration Code

This two-digit code is found on the auxiliary contact to assist in identifying the specific contact configuration. The first digit indicates the quantity of NO contacts and the second indicates the quantity of NC contacts.

NEMA Sizes 00–2—IEC Sizes A–K

The auxiliary contacts listed on this page are designed for installation on Freedom Series starters and contactors. Snap-on design facilitates quick, easy installation. These bifurcated design contact blocks, featuring silver cadmium alloy contacts, are well suited for use in very low energy (logic level) circuits.

NEMA Sizes 00–2—IEC Sizes A–K (1)

Side Mounted

Eaton Freedom Series Auxiliary Side Mounted Contacts

Top Mounted

Eaton Freedom Series Auxiliary Top Mounted Contacts
Side Mounted
Description Contact Configuration Code (2) Part Number
1NO 10 C320KGS1
1NC 01 C320KGS2
1NO-1NC 11 C320KGS3
2NO 20 C320KGS4
2NC 02 C320KGS5
1NO (EC)-1NC (LO) N/A C320KGS7
Top Mounted
1NO 10 C320KGT1
1NC 01 C320KGT2
1NO-1NC 11 C320KGT3
2NO 20 C320KGT4
2NC 02 C320KGT5
1NO (EC)-1NC (LO) N/A C320KGT7
3NO 30 C320KGT9
2NO-1NC 21 C320KGT10
1NO-2NC 12 C320KGT11
3NC 03 C320KGT12
4NO 40 C320KGT13
3NO-1NC 31 C320KGT14
2NO-2NC 22 C320KGT15
1NO-3NC 13 C320KGT16
4NC 04 C320KGT17
3NO-1NC N/A C320KGT18
2NO-1NCI-1NC N/A C320KGT19
2NO-1NO (EC)-1NC (LO) N/A C320KGT20
1NO-1NC-1NO (EC)-1NC (LO) N/A C320KGT21


(1) NCI = Normally Closed early opening designed for use in reversing applications. EC = Early Closing. LO = Late Opening.
(2) For reference only—not part of catalog number.

NEMA Sizes 3–8 / IEC Sizes L–Z


Eaton Freedom Series Auxiliary Contact-C320KGS42
Base Auxiliary Contacts—NEMA Sizes 3–5, IEC Sizes L–S
Circuit Contact
Configuration Code (1)
NEMA Size 3
IEC Sizes L -N
NEMA Sizes 4-5
IEC Sizes P-S
NO 10 C320KGS31 C320KGS41
NO-NC 11 C320KGS32 C320KGS42


Eaton Freedom Series Auxiliary Contact-C320KGS22
Auxiliary Contacts—NEMA Sizes 3–5, IEC Sizes L–S
Circuit Contact
Configuration Code (1)
Part Number
NO 10 C320KGS20
NC 01 C320KGS21
NO-NC (2) 11 C320KGS22
Sealed Logic Level
NO 10 C320KGS20L
NC 01 C320KGS21L
NO-NC (3) 11 C320KGS22L

Auxiliary Contacts—NEMA Sizes 6–8, IEC Sizes T–Z
Circuit Contact
Configuration Code (1)
Size Part Number
NO-NC 11 NEMA 8, IEC Z C320KA5
2NO-2NC 22 NEMA 6-7 C320KA6
2NO-2NC 22 IEC T-X C320KA8

Auxiliary Contact Ratings (Amperes)

NEMA A600 - Auxiliary Contact Ratings (Amperes)
Current AC Volts
120V 240V 480V 600V
Make 60 30 15 12
Break 6 3 1.5 1
Continuous 10 10 10 10
NEMA P300 - Auxiliary Contact Ratings (Amperes)
Continuous Thermal Rating: 5A
DC Volts
Make/Break Amperes
125 1.1
250 0.55

Ratings-Logic Level
Minimum Ratings for Logic Level and Hostile Atmosphere Application
Minimum Amperes 20 mA
Minimum Volts 24 Vac/Vdc
Ratings C320KGS20L, C320KGS21L, C320KGS22L
DC-12 AC-12
Ue Ie Ue Ie
80 0.1 250 0.1


(1) For reference only—not part of catalog number.
(2) NO-NC occupies two position—L2 and L3, or R2 and R3.
(3) Form C contacts.

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