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Freedom Series Accessories

Three-Pole Top Mounted Fuse Block Kit
IEC Sizes A-K, NEMA Sizes 00-2

Field mount to Freedom Series starters and contactors. Designed to save space and reduce installation costs. They provide short circuit protection for branch circuits.

Fuse Type Part Number
Class H-30A 250V C350KH21
Class R-30A 250V C350KR21
Class G-15A 300V C350KG37
Class G-20A 300V C350KG38
Class G-30A 300V C350KG31
Class G- 60A 300V C350KG32
Class T- 30A 300V C350KT31
Class T- 60A 300V C350KT32
Class J-30A 600V C350KJ61
Class J-60A 600V C350KJ62
Type M-30A 600V (1) C350KM61
Class CC-30A 600V C350KC63
Class T-30A 600V C350KT61
Class T-60A 600V C350KT62

Mechanical Interlock Only (2)(3)

Mechanical interlocks and reversing kits are designed for field assembly of reversing contactors or starters from Freedom Series components. The reversing kits include a mechanical interlock, stabilizer bar and a pre-cut, trimmed and formed wire set. Auxiliary contacts, if required, must be ordered separately. See Auxiliary Contacts.

IEC Size Contactor
00-2 A - K Horizontal C321KM60B
3 L - N Horizontal C321KM30
3 to 4 N to P Horizontal C321KM43
4 P - S Horizontal C321KM40
4 to 5 ~ Horizontal C321KM45
4 to 5 S to T/U Horizontal C321KM80
5 ~ Horizontal C321KM50
5 to 6 ~ Horizontal C321KM56
6 T AND U Horizontal C321KM70
6 to 7 T/U to V-X Horizontal C321KM90
7 V, W and X Vertical C321KM34
4 or 5 to 5 P-S to 5 Vertical C321KM55
5 to6 ~ Vertical C321KM65
6 T and U Vertical C321KM66
6 to7 T/U to V - X Vertical C321KM67

Three-Pole Top Mounted Fuse Block Kit

Fuse Block Approximate Dimensions in Inches (mm)
Class Amperes Volts Wide A High B Deep C D
G 15, 20, 30, 60 300 2.40 (61.0) 3.00 (76.2) 2.04 (51.8) ~
300 2.62 (66.5) 4.25 (108.0) 2.08 (52.8) ~
H 30 250 3.00 (76.2) 3.10 (78.7) 2.23 (56.6) 3.62 (91.9)
J 30, 60 600 4.81 (122.2) 4.12 (104.6) 2.82 (71.6) ~
M, CC 30 600 2.40 (61.0) 3.00 (76.2) 2.04 (51.8) ~
R 30 250 3.00 (76.2) 3.10 (78.7) 2.23 (56.6) 3.62 (91.9)
T 30, 60 300 3.44 (87.4) 3.00 (76.2) 2.33 (59.2) ~
30 600 3.75 (95.3) 3.31 (84.1) 2.26 (57.4) ~
60 600 4.87 (123.7) 3.00 (76.2) 2.58 (65.5) ~

Reversing Kits (Horizontal Contactor Mounting Only)

NEMA Size IEC Size Part Number
00 A - C C321KM60K14B
0 D - F C321KM60K13B
1 ~ C321KM60K15B
2 G - K C321KM60K16B
3 ~ C321KM60K17(4)
~ L and M C321KM60K21(4)
~ N C321KM60K18(4)
4 ~ C321KM60K19(4)
5 ~ C321KM60K20(4)
~ P - S C321KM60K44(4)


(1) Type M fuse block not approved for branch circuit protection.
(2) Without cross-wiring.
(3) For use with latest series product.
(4) Kit includes (2) NC auxiliary contacts.

Solid-State ON DELAY Timer—Side Mounted on Freedom Series NEMA 00–2, IEC A–K and C25D, C25E and C25F Frame

This timer is designed to be wired in series with the load (typically a coil). When the START button is pushed (power applied to timer), the ON DELAY timing function starts. At the completion of the set timing period, timer and series wired load will both be energized.

Timing Range Part Number (1)(2)(3)
0.1–1.0 seconds C320TDN1A
1–30 seconds C320TDN30A
30–300 seconds C320TDN300A
5–30 minutes C320TDN3000A (4)


(1) Add opedrating voltage suffix to catalog number. A = 120V, B = 240V, E = 208V
(2) Rated 0.5 ampere pilot duty—not to be used on larger contactors.
(3) Terminal connections are quick connects only. Two per side.
(4) 240V operating voltage not available for C320TDN3000_.

Pneumatic Timers—Top Mounted

Attachment mounts on top of any NEMA Size 00–2 or IEC Size A–K Freedom Series starter or contactor (top mounted auxiliary contacts cannot be installed on device when timer is used). Timer unit has 1NO-1NC isolated timed contacts—circuits in each pole must be the same polarity. Units are convertible from OFF to ON DELAY or vice-versa.

Timing Range Part Number (1)(2)(3)
0.1 to 30 seconds C320TP1
10 to 180 seconds C320TP2

Maximum Ampere Ratings

Description VAC
120 240 480 600
Make 30 15 7.5 6
Break 3 1.5 0.75 0.6

DIN Rail Mounting Channel—35 mm

Designed for DIN rail mounting of IEC style contactors and starters.

Description Part Number
1 meter length MC382MA1

Adapter to DIN Rail Mount

NEMA 1–2 and IEC G–K Contactors
Designed to allow DIN rail mounting of NEMA 1–2 and IEC G–K contactors. Includes all hardware required to convert contactors from panel mounting to 35 mm DIN rail mounting.

Part Number

Transient Suppressor Kits

These kits limit high voltage transients produced in the control circuit when power is removed from the contactor or starter coil. There are three separate suppressors for use on 24–120V, 208–240V or 277–480V coils respectively. These devices mount directly to the coil terminals of Freedom Series contactors or starters NEMA Sizes 00–2, IEC Sizes A–K and lighting contactors 10–60A. Reversing devices will require two.

Voltage (1)
Part Number
24/120V C320TS1
208/240V C320TS2
277/480V C320TS3

Locking Cover for Overload Relay—C306 Only

Snap-on transparent or opaque plastic panel for covering access port to the overload relay trip setting dial—helps prevent accidental or unauthorized changes to trip and reset setting.

Description Min. Ordering
(Std. Pkg.)
Clear cover, no
50 C320PC3
Gray cover, no
accessibility, with
Auto only nib
50 C320PC4
Gray cover, no
accessibility, with
Manual only nib
50 C320PC5
Gray cover with FLA dial
accessibility, A, B, C, D
positions and Auto only nib
50 C320PC6
Gray cover with FLA dial
accessibility, A, B, C, D
positions and Manual
only nib
50 C320PC7

Control Circuit Fuse Block

These panel mounted fuse holders, designed for control circuit protection or other similar low current requirements, have extractor type fuse caps. The Class CC rejection type fuses (KTK-R) used in these holders are intended for use with equipment designated as being suitable for use on systems having high available fault currents. If branch circuit protective device is 45A or greater, C320FBR fuse kit may be required for control circuit protection per NEC 430-72.

Type Max. Amperes Part Number
Fuse holder only 15 C320FB(1)
30 C320FBR(2)


(1) A fuse is not supplied, but holder will accept a Bussman Type KTK or KTK-R (13/32 in x 1-1/2 in) fuse, 600V maximum.
(2) Includes a 5A, 600V KTK-R fuse.

Finger Protection Shields

Snap-on shields for both contactors and starters provide IEC Type IP20 finger protection. Prevents accidental contact with line/load terminals.

Application Part Number
NEMA Size 00, IEC Sizes A-C C320LS1
NEMA Size 0, IEC Sizes D-F C320LS2
NEMA Sizes 1-2, IEC Sizes G-K
Contactors C320LS3
Reversing contactors C320LS4
NEMA Size 1
Starters C320LS5
Reversing starters C320LS6
NEMA Size 2, IEC Sizes G-K
Starters C320LS7
Reversing starters C320LS8

NEMA Sizes 3–5, IEC Sizes L–S

This device mounts on top of any side mounted auxiliary contact on Freedom Series NEMA Sizes 3–5, IEC Sizes L–S and lighting contactors 100–300A. It connects across coil terminals on any 120V contactor or starter magnet coil (reversing starters or contactors require 2). Limits high voltage transients produced in the circuit when power is removed from the coil.

Part Number
120V C320AS1


(1) Suppressor is compatible with coil voltages/ranges as shown, both 50 and 60 Hz.
(2) Power pole kits sold for replacement purposes only. For new applications, order the correct four-pole and five-pole contactor catalog numbers.

Add-On Power Pole Kit (2) - NEMA Sizes 00–0, IEC Sizes A–F

Horsepower Single-Phase Locked Rotor 240V Lighting Ballast
Tungsten 480V
IEC 947 Ampere Rating 1 NO Power Pole
Part Number
115V 230V AC-1
AC-5a AC-5b
15 20 0.5 2 96 20 20 12 18 C320PPD10

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