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A200 Series Accessories

SS-56 Surge Suppressor

  • Designed to be used with magnetic motor controllers through Size 4 in 120V, 60 Hz control circuit applications where electronic equipment is used
  • Steady state coil volts: 120, 60 Hz, rms
  • Peak input volts: 169.6, 60 Hz, max. amplitude
  • Max. ambient temperature: 65°C
  • Nominal limiting volts: 270 peak
  • Nominal rate of volt rise:0.5 per ms
Type Mounting Kit Part Number
Starter SS-56

Mechanical Interlock

  • Prevents closing of one member of a reversing or multi-speed contactor until the opposite member is completely open
  • Lever type mechanism assures positive action
  • Can be factory assembled or field mounted on A200 and A900 starters and contactors
Contactor Arrangement
(Number of Poles,
or Vertical)
Part Number
3 x 3 horizontal 0, 1 M-33-1B
4 x 4 horizontal 0, 1 M-33-1B
5 x 3 horizontal 0, 1 M-33-1B
All pole combination, vertical 0, 1 M-34-1A
3 x 3 horizontal reversing 2 M-33-2B
3 x 3 vertical reversing 2 M-34-2A
5 x 3 horizontal 2 M-35-2A
4 x 4 horizontal 2 M-36-2A
All pole combination horizontal 3, 4 M-33-3B
All pole combination vertical 3, 4 M-34-3

Power Pole Kit (3)

  • Adds 1NO or 1NC power pole to Size 00–1 A201 Class contactors
  • Factory installed or field mountable in load side auxiliary cavities
  • 600 Vac
  • Continuous current rating of 18A for Size 0, 27A for Size 1
Current Rating
Kit Size Kit Part Number
Normally Open
18 0 PNO-0
27 1 PNO-1
Normally Closed
18 0 PNC-0
27 1 PNC-1

Replacement Auxiliary Contacts

Kit Part Number Style Number
5, 6 1NO + 1NC J11 9084A17G01
2NO J20 9084A17G02
2NC J02 9084A17G03
7, 8 1NO - 578D461G01
1NC - 578D461G03
9 1NO + 1NC - 843D943G04
2NO - 843D943G05
2NC - 843D943G06

Extra Auxiliary Contact Kits

All starters include an auxiliary contact with 1NO and 1NC contact. These kits include an auxiliary contact with contacts as shown, plus operating arm and mounting bracket when required.

Contactor Size Contact Arrangement Style Number
5, 6 1NO + 1NC 3463D94G18
2NO 3463D94G04
2NC 3463D94G19
7, 8 (4) 2NO 818D498G06
1NO 818D498G04


(1) Can be used on Sizes 5 and 6 with 120V coil. Mounting bracket required—order separately. Mounting bracket 177C043G04.
(2) For Size 3 and 4.
(3) Do not use with DC operated contactors.
(4) Size 7 and larger use DC coils as standard.
(5) All mounting hardware is included in kit.

F-56 Fuse Block

  • Facilitates installation of fuses (15A, 600V max.) in control circuits
  • Utilizes Bussman type KTK fuses, or equivalent
  • Mounts in same cavity as Type J auxiliary contact
  • No tools or mounting hardware needed
  • Fuse not included
Mounting Kit Part
Starter F56
Panel F56-P

R-56 Interposing Relay

The R-56AA interposing relay is a low energy solid-state device with a single NO solidstate contact. It can be used as a 120 Vac control relay, and will operate on as little as 40 Vac input. Is useful in applications requiring long control wiring runs where excessive voltage drop would prevent the contactor or relay from energizing. Will operate a Size 4 contactor from 10,000 feet using 18 AWG wire.

Type Mounting Kit Part
Starter or panel R56-AA

B3NO Bell Alarm Contact

  • Isolated normally open bell alarm contact
  • Mounts in Type B blocktype overload relay
Kit Part Number
B3NO-4 (2)

Overload Relay Reset Extension

  • Used to adjust overload reset rod depth of Class A200 Model J starters and current design overload relays to same dimensions as obsolete B200 starters and overloads identified by suffix B, for example, BA13B When replacing obsolete B200 device with Class A200 starter and Type B overload, order Style 6710C11H03. No charge.

    When replacing obsolete B200 device with Class A200 starter and Type A overload, order Style 1490C15H10. No charge.

DC Coil Conversion Kits

Kits listed below include all necessary parts to convert from AC to DC control including the DC coil with built-in diode, rectifier, auxiliary interlock and all mounting hardware.

Size Voltage Kit Style Number
5 110-120 7864A28G01
220-240 7864A28G02
440-480 7864A28G03
6 110-120 7864A29G01
220-240 7864A29G02
440-480 7864A29G03

Mechanical Interlocks

Style Numbers
3, 4 and 5 2050A11G75 2050A11G65
5 and 5 2050A11G27 2050A11G17
5 and 6 2050A11G26 2050A11G16
6 and 7, 8 - 2050A11G55
7, 8 and 7, 8 No (rear conn.) 567D624G01
7, 8 and 9 No (rear conn.) 9944D56G06
9 and 9 No (rear conn.) 9944D56G01

Overload Protection Size 5 Starters

Type B overload relay is a three-pole, block type, thermal ambient compensated device with manual reset mounted integrally. Current transformers are enclosed in a protective case and integrally mounted to save panel space. Standard ratio is 300:5.

Overload Protection Size 6 Starters

Overload protection assembly consists of three current transformers, Type B threepole block overload relay and an optional interposing relay. These parts are mounted on a panel which connects directly to the load terminal of the contactor. Current transformers are 600:5 ratio as standard.
If automatic reset is required, the Type A, three-pole block, ambient compensated relay is available upon request.

Overload Relay Kits

Each kit includes three current transformers (standard ratio) and one Type B, three-pole block overload relay, ambient compensated with manual reset.

Kit Size Kit Part Number
5 2057A34G01
6 6379D80G10

Replacement Terminal Lugs (5)

in Kit
Quantity Required
per Pole
Kit Style
5 1-500 MCM 6 2 2119A76G01
6 2-500 MCM 6 2 7858A96G01
7 4-500 MCM 12 4 7858A96G02
8 4-500 MCM 12 4 7858A96G03

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