Eaton E26 Stacklight Replacement Parts

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Description Notes Number in
Part Number
Replacement cover Normally included with stacklight base 1 E26S68
Replacement lens O-ring Normally included with light modules 2 E26S106 (1)
Replacement lenses Clear 3 E26S38
Red E26S39
Green E26S40
Yellow E26S41
Blue E26S42
Amber E26S43
Replacement Xenon
strobe dual high
(does not include lenses)
12 Vac/Vdc 4 E26S33
24 Vac/Vdc E26S34
48 Vac/Vdc E26S35
120 Vac E26S36
240 Vac E26S37
Replacement diffusers White — normally supplied
with incandescent light
4 E26S31
Clear — normally supplied
with LED light modules
Replacement lamps (2) 12V 4 E26S8
24V E26S9
48V E26S10
120V E26S11
240V E26S12
Replacement extension
tube O-rings
Normally included with
extension tubes
6 E26S107 (2)
Replacement mounting
gasket (4)
Normally included with
stacklight base
7 E26S105
Lamp removal tool For E26 and E22
incandescent lamps

(1) Sold in packages of 5 pieces.
(2) Mounting gaskets have two sets of mounting holes—one set with center-to-center spacing of 1.75 in (44.5 mm) and another set with center-to-center spacing of 1.65 in (42 mm).

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