Motor Starters

The Perfect Start — PKE and DILM

One of the main tasks of low-voltage switchgear is to switch and protect motors. This is specifically the task of the motor starter, which is available from Eaton in different versions for diverse applications. The short-circuit safely under control. Whether coordination type “1” or coordination type “2”. Motor starter combinations PKE with the proven circuit-breakers DILM master short-circuit currents of 100 kA /400V up to 32A and 50 kA at 400V /65A. They ensure the highest level of operational continuity. Standstill times are reduced to a minimum.

Lean Solution: Motor starters from Standard Components

Motor starters from standard components
configured in just a few simple steps from a contactor DIL,
a motor-protective circuitbreaker PKE and a wiring set.

A Snap-in mechanical plug-in connector.

Up to 15 A, comfortable motor starters utilizing tool-less plug connection are on offer, requiring only a top-hat rail. A connector for direct-on-line and reversing starters is available for motor starters with rated motor current from 17 A to 65 A. Whether as a completed motor-starter combination MSC or assembled from individual components by the user, you are always on the safe side with tested motorstarters from Eaton. Motor starters with PKE and DILM up to 65 A are available in 3 narrow widths. Contactor DILM and circuit-breaker PKE always have the same compact width. No precious millimetre of control panel space is wasted.


B Push on the contactor.


C Plug on the electrical connectors and jumpers. Ready to go!

Motor and System Protection

PKE as a circuit-breaker to IEC 60947-2

In addition to use as a motor-protective circuit-breaker, the PKE can also be used as a circuit-breaker to IEC/EN 60947-2.

With the corresponding trip blocks of type PKE-XTUCP-…, the PKE can also be used for protecting cables and wiring up to rated currents of 65 A. In contrast to motor protection, when a PKE is used as a circuit-breaker, an unsymmetrical loading due to different loads is possible. The additional adjustability of the electronic short-circuit release facilitates reliable protection with various cable lengths and cable cross-sections.

The Advantages at a Glance

Versatile: Flexible protection

  • Use as a circuit-breaker or motor-protective circuit-breaker using various trip blocks

Economic: Guarantee availability

  • Fast exchange of individual components through the modular system concept

Adaptable: For heavy starting duty also

  • Adjustable short-circuit releases, time-lag class settings for individual contactor characteristics

Safe: Even after long periods of operation

  • Configuration of motor-starter combinations with two separate contact systems

Robust: Safe shut-down

  • High short-circuit breaking capacity 100kA/400V

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