Eaton XTPB6P3BC1
Motor-Protective Circuit-Breaker


Setting Range
Overload Range Short Circuit Release
4 - 6.3 88
Insulated Enclosure

Padlocking  Features

PKZM0 Summary

XTPB6P3BC1 Dimensions

XTPB6P3BC1 Dimensions

Inch to MM Conversion

Convert to MM

MM to Inch Conversion

Convert to Inches

XTPB6P3BC1 AWA Installation Instructions

Motor-protective circuit-breaker
PKM0..., PKZM0-..., PKZM0-...-T, PKZM01-...
07/07 AWA 1210-2138
Created: 4/25/05
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XTPB6P3BC1 Mounting Positions

XTPB6P3BC1 Mounting PositionsXTPB6P3BC1 Mounting Positions


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