Moeller P1-25 Series
Disconnect Switch Overview


  • P1-25 rotary switches can be used for numerous switching and control tasks. For example as On-Off switches, main switches, main/auxiliary current control switches, instrument switches.

  • P1-25 switches consist of a handle, the basic switch and the mounting accessories.

  • The contact chamber (contact unit) contains 1 or 2 contacts

  • P1-25 disconnect switches are manufactured without PCB, CFCs, asbestos and silicone. The contacts are cadmium free.

  • The CI-K... insulated enclosures for P1-25 switches are silicon-free.

P1-25 Overview
P1-25 AWA Installation Sheets
P1-25/EA/SVB P1-25/EA/SVB Flush Rear Mounting Disconnect Switch
P1-25/IVS P1-25/IVS Enclosed DIN Rail Mounted Disconnect Switch
P1-25/V/SVB P1-25/V/SVB Base Mounted Power Disconnect Switches (Red or Black)


DIN Rail Mounted Disconnect Switch
P1-25/I2/SVB P1-25/I2/SVB Enclosed Emergency Disconnect Switch

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