Moeller N12-1200-NA
Molded Case Disconnect Switch


Current Rating
Maximum HP Rating
3 Phase at
230V  460V

Frame rated at 1200A
Line and load field wiring
terminals for cable
connection supplied as standard

1000 300 600
N12-1200-NA is a listed molded case switch to UL 489, with 20kA @ 600 VAC short circuit rating. Molded case switches are manual, non-automatic switches without any overload or over-current protective features. Molded case switches are tested to determine their acceptability for continuous operation at their marked rated load. Also, they are tested at 6 times their full ampere rating to cover motor circuit applications and are suitable for use as motor circuit disconnects per section 430-109 of the NEC and section 28-602 of the CEC.

N12-1200-NA Dimensions

N12-1200-NA Dimensions

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