Moeller NZMB1-A160
Circuit Breaker

Thermo magnetic, Release 3-Pole

Protection of Systems and Cables
Terminals Standard, terminal screws as accessories

NZMB1-A160 Circuit Breakers
Description Terminals standard, terminal screws as accessories

Rated current = rated
uninterrupted current
In = Iu
Setting range
Overload releases
Short-circuit releases
160 125 - 160 1280

NZMB1-A160 Dimensions

NZMB1-A160 Dimensions

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NZMB1-A160 Protects Systems

NZMB1-A160 circuit breakers protect entire systems on all levels, from the main distribution board right up to the loads. As the incoming circuit-breaker, the NZMB1-A160 will of course also provide secondary side overload protection for the transformer. A variant with modified short-circuit releases also enables a power network with time selectivity.

Circuit Breaker Ordering Information

Release System Frame Size
Thermomagnetic release NZM1

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Circuit Breaker Engineering Information

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