Circuit Breaker

FAZ-RT UL 489 Circuit Breakers with Ring-Tongue Terminals
10 kAIC, 14 kAIC / C-Curve (15–25A)
Obsolete Eaton Part Number - WMZT1C30T

30 Amperes

FAZ-C30/1-RT-SP Circuit Breakers with Ring-Tongue Terminals—10 kAIC, 14 kAIC - C Curve (15–25A) Ring Tongue Conection

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FAZ-C30/1-RT-SP Specifications PDF
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NOTE: Option for single packaging on single-pole C and D curves only; add suffix SP when ordering.

FAZ-NA UL 489 Circuit Breakers
Product Selection

Product Selection
FAZ-NA C Curve

  • - UL approved (UL 489) and CSA Certified (CSA C22.2 No.5-02) as branch circuit breakers
  • - Interrupting capacity: 10 kA UL/CSA; 15 kA IEC 60947-2
  • -Current limiting device
  • - UL file number E235139
FAX B Curve Illustration

Product Overview
Optimum product quality, tested reliability and safety stand for best protection of personnel, installations and plant. Eaton’s FAZ-NA DIN rail mountable circuit breaker is designed for use in branch service applications.

Application Description
Feeder and branch circuit protection for:

  • - Convenience receptacle circuits (internal/external)
  • - Motor control circuits
  • - Load circuits leaving the equipment (external)
  • - HACR internal/external equipment (heating, air conditioning, refrigeration)
  • - PLC I/O points
  • - Computers
  • - Power supplies
  • - Control instrumentation
  • - Relays
  • - UPS
  • - Power conditioners


UL 489 Certifications:


  • - Complete range of UL 489 listed DIN rail mounted miniature circuit breakers up to 40A current rating
  • - Standard ratings of 10 kAIC up to 277/480 Vac
  • - Select amperages available at 14 kAIC up to 277/480 Vac and 10 kAIC up to 125 Vdc per pole
  • - Current limiting design provides fast short-circuit interruption that reduces the let-through energy, which can damage the circuit
  • - Suitable for branch circuit device protection
  • - Thermal-magnetic overcurrent protection
  • - Trip-free design—breaker can not be defeated by holding the handle in the ON position
  • - Captive screws cannot be lost
  • - SWD (switching duty)— suitable for switching fluorescent lighting loads (In ≤ 20A)
  • - Fulfill UL 489, CSA C22.2 No.5 and also IEC 60947-2 Standard
  • - For use in applications for which UL 1077 or CSA C22.2 No.235 are also allowed
  • - Field-installable shunt trip and auxiliary switch subsequent mounting
  • - Separate version for ringtongue connection (Type FAZ-RT), terminal screws can be removed (on both sides)
  • - Module width of only 17.7 mm (per pole)
  • - Contact Position Indicator (red/green)
  • - Easy installation on DIN rail
  • - Possibility for sealing the toggle in ON or OFF position

FAZ-NA UL 489 Dimensions

UL 489 Dimensions

FAZ-NA UL 489 Part Number Selection Guide

UL489 Part Number Selection Guide

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