DILM25-01, DILM25-10

DILM25 -21

DILM25 -32

DILM25 -01
1 NC Aux
2 NO Aux - 1 NC Aux
3 NO Aux - 2 NC Aux
1 NO Aux    

Available Voltages: 24VAC 60HZ,  110VAC 50HZ, 120VAC 60HZ, 230VAC 50HZ, 240VAC 60HZ, 24VDC,
48VDC. Rated Operational Current: 7

DILM25 Overload Relays
DILM25 Overload Relays
DILM25 Accessories
DILM25 Accessories
DILA Timer Modules
Timer Modules
DILM25 Auxiliary Contacts
DILM25 Auxiliary Contacts

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