Electronic Top Mounted Off Delayed Timer Module
for use on a XTRE series Industrial Control Relay
or a XTCE series Contactor



XTCEXTED100C11T Tamper Proof Cover

Mounting and Contactor Selector Switch Programming



For Mounting on a

XTRE, XTCE007B10, XTCE009B10, XTCE012B10 or XTCE018C10

For Mounting on a


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DILA Industrial Control Relays
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XTCEXTED100C11T Variations

Part Name Operating Voltage Range Timing
XTEDXTED1C11T 24 V AC/DC 0.05 s...1 s
XTCEXTED1C11A 100...130 V AC 0.05 s...1 s
XTCEXTED1C11B 200...240 V AC 0.05 s...1 s
XTCEXTED10C11T 24 V AC/DC 0.5 s...10 s
XTCEXTED10C11A 100...130 V AC 0.5 s...10 s
XTCEXTED10C11B 200...240 V AC 0.5 s...10 s
XTCEXTED100C11T 24 V AC/DC 5 s...100 s
XTCEXTED100C11A 100...130 V AC 5 s...100 s
XTCEXTED100C11B 200...240 V AC 5 s...100 s

XTCEXTED100C11T Contact Sequence

XTCEXTED100C11T Contact Sequence

XTCEXTED100C11T Dimensions

XTCEXTED100C11T Dimensions

Inch to MM Conversion

Convert to MM

MM to Inch Conversion

Convert to Inches

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