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Klockner Moeller

Industrial Switchgear from one proven supplier since 1899

T Rotary Switches and
P Switch-Disconnectors
for Reliable Switching and Disconnection

Rotary Switches/Switch-Disconnectors

Even the number of possible switch combinations is virtually unlimited.
Different designs, front plates and special switches ensure optimum flexibility to meet the requirements at hand.

Furthermore, application safety is always the prime consideration in design. The covered terminals are finger-proof to VDE 0106.

Typical applications for T rotary switches and P switch-disconnectors include:

  • Maintenance, repair and safety switches
  • On/Off switches
  • Main switches
  • Control switches
  • Panic switches
  • Manual/Automatic switches etc.

Circuit Breakers

Beware of Counterfeit Circuit Breakers

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, 371,000 counterfeit circuit breakers labeled as a popular brand have flooded the US market. The counterfeit circuit breakers fail to trip when overloaded and pose a fire hazard. This is what makes it vital that you purchase from authorized distributors such as, Inc. ONLY so you can be assured of quality, safe, UL components. More Info

NZM1 Circuit Breakers

15 - 125 Amps
NZM1 Circuit Breakers

NZM2 Circuit Breakers

15 - 250 Amps
NZM2 Circuit Breakers

NZM3 Circuit Breakers

250 - 600 Amps
NZM3 Circuit Breakers

NZM4 Circuit Breakers

600 - 1200  Amps
NZM4 Circuit Breakers

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Safety Products

E Stop

Rotary switches/Switch-disconnectors

Safety Stop Switch

Safety relay

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Push Button

Standard Push Button

Dual Push Button Selector Switch Potentiometers Pilot Light
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Control Relays and Timers


DILA Control Relay

Control Relay

DILM32-XTEE11 Timer

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Contactors and Motor Starters


Overload Relay

Motor Starter

Motor Starter

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Moeller Electric and Klockner Moeller Parts

KMParts is the North American Authority on Moeller Electric, formerly Klockner Moeller, Automation products and Motor Controls. We can assist you in upgrading or replacing all your Klockner Moeller or Moeller Electric products! Most of our orders ship same day from stock - call us FIRST for your next Klockner Moeller purchase!

Klockner Moeller

For over one hundred years Klockner Moeller Corporation has produced high quality electrical components becoming a world leader in motor control and automation. Klockner Moeller has now expanded their technological expertise into power distribution.


Moeller proves its unrivalled competence, day in and day out, in industries of all kinds. In order to meet market and customer demands, the Moeller group of companies has divided its business into three divisions: Systems, Building Automation and Industrial Automation.

Moeller Electric

Moeller Electric provides more than just comprehensive power solutions for buildings. The Building Automation systems achieve intelligent solutions for maximum convenience. Products and solutions for controlling air-conditioning, lighting and shutters and innovative switches designed with radio technology are but a few examples. Moeller Electric continually expands this field of application to enable customers, both now and in the future, to meet special building requirements - from the medium voltage to the wall socket - with optimum quality.

Moeller Electric is one of the world's leading suppliers of power distribution and automation systems and components for industrial uses and infrastructural and residential buildings. Its consistent focus on core business is reflected in its six business units: Command & Control Devices, Motor Starters & Drives, Circuit Breakers, Switchboards and Building Automation Business Units. The company, which was founded in 1899, has an efficient sales network in all relevant target markets and is represented by subsidiaries and sales partners in over 80 countries of the earth.


Klockner Industrial Automation provides all-in-one solutions for controlling and monitoring manufacturing processes. Control systems, variable-speed drives, visualizing units, operating panels along with switching and protection devices ensure smooth operation with maximum productivity.

Klockner Moeller is also known as:
Moeller Electric, Moeller, Klockner Moller, Moller Electric, Moller, Klocner moeller, Kloeckner, Kloeckner moeller, klocker moeller, klokner moeller, klockner moler, moler, moler electric

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Moeller Electric, Klockner Moeller Alphabetical Parts Index

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Klockner Moeller, Moeller Electric Product Documentation
Klockner Moeller

Klockner Moeller

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