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Moeller Electric Corporation is a world-renowned, full line manufacturer of industrial electric and electronic controls and systems. Moeller Electric has earned a worldwide reputation for high quality engineering and ecologically sensitive manufacturing of components, engineering assemblies and enclosures.

Already a well-known leader in control and automation markets for our circuit breakers, motor control components, custom-built control assemblies, motor control centers, and programmable logic controllers (PLC's), we are now committed to expanding our technological leadership in power distribution as well.

Founded more than 100 years ago, Moeller Electric has grown into a $1.3 billion global company with more than 12,000 employees. Through product innovation, superior design engineering, strategic alliances and acquisitions, the company has established a significant presence in world markets.

With representation in over 80 countries, Moeller Electric is well-positioned to efficiently serve the requirements of its global customers. Our products, systems, and services include the necessary approvals required for worldwide acceptance and are readily available to you wherever and whenever you need them.

With a nationwide team of highly experienced sales engineers and customer service representatives, we can partner with you to select Moeller Electric components and tailor systems to meet your industrial motor control, automation, and energy distribution requirements for either US or international facilities. In addition to custom developed systems, we can provide industrial electrical and electronic motor control components to meet just about any domestic or export requirements. From design to distribution, from a single component to the most complex turnkey project, Moeller Electric's strength is in solving power and control problems simply, safely, reliably and locally in nearly every corner of the world. Whether OEM's, industrial users or distributors, customers can depend on a partnership with Moeller Electric.

Moeller Electric's history is dotted with milestones rooted in innovations that have greatly influenced the electrical industry and, in many ways, revolutionized its development. What began with the design of the first small, oil-immersed contactor at the beginning of this century remains valid today with a whole new generation of products. Some of the most notable technological achievements in the company's history are:

Franz Klöckner founds a switchgear production company in Cologne, Germany.

Franz Klöckner


The newly-founded company makes hand starters with a new safety function for use in DC machines.

Early Moeller hand-starter with safety functions


Hein Moeller joins the firm in 1911, becoming its chief engineer and sole director.

Hein Moeller photo


Hein Moeller succeeds in developing the world's first three-phase oil contactor – a pioneering technical innovation.

worlds first three-phase oil contactor


Greater customer proximity is achieved thanks to decentralising the sales organisation. Assembly-line production is introduced at the Moeller works.


Improvement of oil-immersed contactors using new materials. Motor-protective circuit-breakers and bimetal relays are added to the product range.


Contactor relays are mass produced at six factories. The 'long weekend' is introduced.


Production of the first switchgear devices with a service life comparable to that of the machines in which they are deployed.

early switchgear devices

Moeller starts to deliver switchgear to electrical wholesalers and undergoes a change in name to Klöckner-Moeller. Felten & Guilleaume Carlswerk is founded in Kleedorf, Lower Austria.

Kleedorf, Lower Austria

Moeller begins to use Andorit (a transparent plastic) as an insulating material in power distribution board housings.

early use of Andorit as an insulating material

The company expands to 1,500 employees and generates sales of DM 30 million. It sets up its first foreign sales company in Belgium. By now Moeller is represented by distribution partners in 42 countries of the world. In Austria, Prof. Dr. Ing. Biegelmeyer develops the residual-current circuit-breaker.

Prof. Dr. Ing. Biegelmeyer develops the residual-current circuit-breaker

Product innovations:

  • FAK foot and palm switches
  • Four-pole contactors
  • Compact circuit-breakers
  • Residual-current circuit-breakers
  • First fully insulation-enclosed power distribution system
  • PKZ motor-protective circuit-breakers
early foot switch

The company generates sales of DM 100 million with a workforce of 2,800 employees, and sets up sales subsidiaries in Switzerland and South Africa.


The German Chancellor inaugurates the country's first colour broadcast by actuating an FAK foot and palm switch made by Moeller. The RMQ range of control devices is launched on the market.


The company now has 5,000 employees and establishes sales companies in Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Brazil, Japan, Australia and Zaire. Works are built in England, France and the USA.


Sales of contactors pass the 50 million mark.


For the first time Moeller generates sales in excess of DM 1 billion, achieved with the help of 7,000 employees in 75 countries. The companies that make up the Moeller Group are united into Moeller Holding Gmbh & Co. KG, and new sales subsidiaries are set up in Spain, Austria and Denmark.


Moeller becomes one of the first suppliers of compact programmable logic controllers (PLCs), with the PS3 PLC being launched on the market to great success.

early PLC


The company has 7,200 employees to its name and achieves sales of DM 1.5 billion. Distribution centres are set up in former East Germany, and new subsidiaries are founded in Hungary, Poland and Italy. The Moeller Test Laboratory in Bonn is the first German laboratory to be accredited for industrial low-voltage devices and systems, and the Moeller Distribution Centre is taken into operation in Meckenheim, near Bonn.


Product innovations:

  • MODAN 6000 and 2000 power distribution and motor control systems
  • Fuzzy PLCs

Moeller acquires Felten & Guilleaume AG, Cologne, a manufacturer of electrical installation devices, cables and medium-voltage systems, and lays the foundation stone for a fully-owned factory in Suzhou, China. The company posts sales of approx. €1.25 billion with 7,200 employees.


Product innovations:

  • ZEV electronic motor-protective relays
  • Fuzzy PLCs
modern PLCs

The company celebrates its centenary and undergoes a change in name from Klöckner-Moeller to Moeller.

  1999   anniversary logo  

The economic downturn all over the world and growing competition on global markets starts to impede the company's development, which is further hampered by the owner's efforts – lasting almost two years – to sell it. Despite these difficulties, Moeller continues to invest in forward-looking production technology and the development of new product series.


Product innovations:

  • RMQ-Titan command and signalling devices
  • easy 600/800 Control relays
  • NZM 1–4/IZM circuit-breakers
  • Rapid Link decentralised motor control system
  • MFD-Titan multi-function relays
  • LS-Titan position switches
  • XC 100/600 control system
  • Xpole service installation switching devices
  • Xcomfort building automation system
Moeller devices


On December 9th, 2003, a group of investors advised by Advent International Cooperation, Boston, USA, acquires 100 percent of the Moeller Group. The capital structure of the company is improved and the management's restructuring plan is implemented.

  Sept 12
  Advent International Logo  

A presentation on the company's business development is given at the annual press conference on September 27 in Bonn. Moeller has succeeded in achieving the turnaround and is again operating at a profit in its core business areas. The Group focuses on its core competencies to an unprecedented extent and continues to consolidate its presence in global growth markets, especially in Eastern Europe and Asia. By the end of 2005, the Moeller Group will have virtually completely renewed its product portfolio in its core business areas.


Product innovations:

  • xEnergy switchboard system
  • Xboard consumer units
  • Xpatch data network technology
  • XC 200 control system
  • XV 400 HMI PLCs
  • xStart contactor and motor-protective circuit-breaker system

On September 12, 2005, the British private equity company Doughty Hanson & Co. acquires a 75% majority stake in the Moeller Group.

  2005   Doughty Hanson & Co. Logo

Product innovations:

  • Home- and room manager
  • Surge protection with automatic reset
  • Expansion of the successful "easy" family

On April 4, 2008, the US-American Eaton Corporation acquires 100 percent of the shares in the Moeller Group. Moeller is now part of one of the most successful US-American industrial groups. Together, the two companies form a significant global player in electrical engineering.

2008 Eaton logo

Product innovations At Light & Building Frankfurt and at the Hanover trade fair, two world-renowned events, Moeller first presents its digital RCD.

For the first time, a comprehensive Darwin product range is presented for industrial automation applications. Darwin components revolutionise wiring and networking in switchgear cabinets.

  xEnergy Product Line xPole Product Line  
  xStart Product Line xComfort Product Line  
  xCommand Product Line xBoard Product Line  
  xControl Product line xPatch Product Line  
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