Motor Disconnect Switch


Current Rating
Maximum HP Rating
3 Phase at
230V  460V

Frame rated at 1200A
Line and load field wiring
terminals for cable
connection supplied as standard

800 300 600

N12-800-CNA Dimensions

N12-800-CNA Dimensions

Inches   Millimeters  

N12-800-CNA Dimension Data

Type N12-800-CNA Disconnect Switches are UL recognized (UL 508) and CSA certified (22.2 Nr. 14) as 3 pole, HP rated non-automatic manual motor disconnects without any overload or short circuit tripping elements. Their switching mechanism has 3 positions (OFF, ON, + “Tripped”) and they can be equipped with voltage trip accessories such as shunt trip and under voltage trip coils. UL/CSA Short Circuit Rating @ 600VAC: 42 kA RMS Sym.


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