FAZ-NA UL 489 Accessories Index

Allowable Combinations
FAZ UL 489 Accessories Allowable Combinations
Contact Description Part Number
Z-NHK  Two-Pole Contact or Auxiliary
Contact/Trip Indicating Contact
Z-NHK (1)
Auxiliary Contact Description Part Number
Z-IHK-NA  Auxiliary Contact Z-IHK-NA
Shunt Trip Description Part Number
FAZ-XAA-NA110  Shunt trip 110–415 Vac FAZ-XAA-NA110-415VAC
Shunt trip 12–110 Vac FAZ-XAA-NA12-110VAC
Padlock Hasp Description Part Number
Z-IHK-NA  Padlock Hasp Z-IS/SPE-1TE
Lockoff Device Description Part Number
Busbar Description (2,3,4,5) Part Number

Z-SV/UL-16/1P-1TE/12 Shown

Single-Pole, 6 terminals Z-SV/UL-16/1P-1TE/6
Single-Pole, 12 terminals Z-SV/UL-16/1P-1TE/12
Single-Pole, 18 terminals Z-SV/UL-16/1P-1TE/18
Two-Pole, 6 terminals Z-SV/UL-16/2P-2TE/6
Two-Pole, 12 terminals Z-SV/UL-16/2P-2TE/12
Two-Pole, 18 terminals Z-SV/UL-16/2P-2TE/18
Three-Pole, 6 terminals Z-SV/UL-16/3P-3TE/6
Three-Pole, 12 terminals Z-SV/UL-16/3P-3TE/12
Three-Pole, 18 terminals Z-SV/UL-16/3P-3TE/18
Busbar Shroud Description Part Number
FAZ Busbar Shroud Three-Pole Busbar Shroud ZV-BS-UL
Extension Terminal Description Part Number
FAZ Busbar Shroud Extension Terminal—
35 mm2 (10–1/0 AWG)
Bus Connector Description Part Number
FAZ Bus Connector Bus connector—
Conductors up
to 50 mm2 (~1/0 AWG)

(1) Voltage of FAZ-NA circuit breaker is limited to 300V with this auxiliary contact installed.

(2) Do not cut commoning link.

(3) A maximum of three commoning links may be used in conjunction. Each breaker connected to the commoning link must have the same number of poles for proper use.

(4) Not for use with ring-tongue circuit breakers.

(5) Bus may be center fed for high current capacity.

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